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Easy to use and fast acting, elZinc´s® strippers are specially designed to act on elZinc® product range.

The elZinc® Flux for preweathered finishes is a product with a high content in active ingredients, making for quick and efficient preparation for the soldering of elZinc® Natural, elZinc® Slate, elZinc® Graphite, elZinc® Crystal, elZinc® Oliva and elZinc® Lava.

It has a high anti-oxidizing power. It also has excellent wetting ability while its surface attack is low.

Packing: 250 m.l tubs (6 tubs per box).

Easy to use, the elZinc Rainbow® stripper is specially designed for use with the elZinc Rainbow® range. It is also appropriate for elZinc Advance  finishes.

Packing: 320 ml tubs (5 tubs per box).