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Main features

Expanded zinc is the ultimate in efficiency when it comes to enclosing spaces with and “open” material. In contrast to perforated sheets, expanded zinc undergoes and industrial process that cuts and spreads out the sheet over its length, creating no waste in the process.

Moreover, un large patterns, the process results in significant rigidity across the width of the sheet, reducing the need for structural supports.

These panels are highly cost-effective yet retain all of the qualities that make zinc such an attractive cladding material – aesthetics, sustainability, practicality and durability.

Two different models

Large format architectural panels

elZinc expanded is available in numerous models with different open areas.
They are ideal for the protection of areas that require some free air flow or to avoid external cladding, e.g. in the case of multi-storey car parks.

elZinc® expandido laminado

elZinc® expanded laminated zinc is available in two standard formats: coils and sheets. Both feature a fine perforation and a high free area, so that from a distance, the building it clads appears to have a continuous yet semi-transparent veil. They are also ideal for use as insect screens on roofs and ventilated facades.

Format Free Area, % Sheet Weight,
90 38 16 15.8 4.55
110 52 24 7.7 4.98
122 50 20 40 4.32
170 80 30 25 4.05
190 60 20 33.3 3.60
265 90 30 33.3 3.60
290 88 24 45.5 2.95
Format Free Area, % Sheet Weight,
10 7.3 1.6 56 2.28
10 7.2 1.4 62 1.93

Direct fixed elZinc® expanded

These large format panels cannot be folded into cassettes, so are fixed directly to the structure with angled brackets

Direct fixed elZinc® expanded rolled panels - hidden fixings

Can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Direct fixed expanded and rolled panels - visible fixings

Can be installed horizontally or vertically.

elZinc expanded and rolled drapes

Creates a very light, metallic veil over the building.

Supported by a system of tensioned stainless cables and guides Maximum length of veils in elZinc expanded – one floor (4mts).

The cables usually go floor to floor Some quilting is normally present in the zinc veils.

Delivery formats

Our expanded designs are available in the following formats.

The full range of elZinc® finishes is available in all of the patterns.

Unperforated edges
Not possible

Other information
Due to the nature of the expansion process, the material cannot be supplied with protective film.
Consult elZinc regarding edgewise bow tolerances on coil material.

Large format architectural panels

Format Width (mm) Length (mm) Thickness (mm)
Panel 1000 2000 and 3000 1,5

Expanded and rolled

Format Width (mm) Length (mm) Thickness (mm)
Coil 1000 According to project requirements 0.7mm
Sheet 500 2000 and 3000


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