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Shieldcraft Buildex declares that it is fully responsible for all content and information published on this website, holding harmless the company Asturiana de Laminados, S.A. (elZinc) from any damages that such content and information may cause.

Terms & Conditions:

  • elZinc® presents the Terms & Conditions, a legally binding document for customers interested in buying elZinc® products. By publishing these T&C on this website, any prior sale conditions from elZinc® are expressly nullified and replaced, unless stated otherwise in written agreements. elZinc® retains the discretion to reject orders from clients that deviate from this document, openly contradict, or violate the good faith principles underlying commercial transactions among professionals.



Orders will be sent by e-mail to the following addresses:

  • contact@elzincindia.com
  • Or any e-mail address corresponding to any client account manager assigned specifically by elZinc®.
  • Information provided, including illustrations, specs, and data in offers, catalogs, or ads from elZinc®, is approximate. It becomes binding only with a written agreement. Orders, once confirmed via email by elZinc®, are firm and irrevocable. They must be clear and complete, specifying product details and shipping instructions. The client bears expenses post-availability of elZinc® products. Availability, typically 2-4 weeks post-order confirmation, is communicated in advance.



  • All client orders will be confirmed via email within five working days, as per this T&C. Confirmation includes quantities, elZinc® product type, metal booking, and conversion price. Orders below five tonnes incur additional identified expenses. canceling a confirmed order after five working days results in a 25% compensation fee, unless stated otherwise in writing by elZinc®. Once manufactured, confirmed orders cannot be canceled.



3.1 Delivery Time:

  • elZinc® aims to deliver products promptly, with time frames not deemed essential unless specified in writing. elZinc® is not liable for delays unrelated to them or caused by the client, except in cases of elZinc’s negligence.


3.2 Delivery Modes:

  • elZinc® may split deliveries based on product availability. Products adhere to standards, with accepted trade tolerances. Clients are informed of potential differences in delivered amounts.


In cases of client insolvency or dissolution, elZinc® can suspend product availability.

3.3 Conformity and Returns:

  • No elZinc® product can be returned without written consent. Clients bear return expenses. Conformity issues must be reported within specified timeframes, with elZinc® committed to replacing products and covering costs if requirements are met within fifteen working days.



  • The client assumes full responsibility for elZinc® products once made available. elZinc® is not liable for damages post-availability, including incorrect loading or other client-induced circumstances, despite any good faith involvement in loading operations.



  • The price for elZinc® products is determined when the client places the order, excluding statutory taxes. By accepting these T&C , the client acknowledges that raw material costs are tied to the LME index. The client is informed about potential price fluctuations and accepts that elZinc® may adjust conversion prices based on market conditions, with prior notification during the year. Price change notifications will be sent via email promptly. If more than 2 months elapse between order acceptance and product availability due to non-attributable causes, conversion prices may be adjusted if production costs increase. Unless stated otherwise, prices do not include indirect taxes.



  • Terms are individually negotiated per client, following legal measures against non-payment. elZinc® may request guarantees at any time. Negligence in purchasing or product conformity doesn’t affect payment obligations.



  • elZinc® guarantees defect-free products complying with standards. Clients must follow storage and handling guidelines. To activate the 20-year warranty, inspect and photograph products before installation, conduct yearly inspections post-installation, and avoid applying paint or superficial layers. Defects leading to corrosion perforation will be repaired or replaced at elZinc®’s discretion. Unauthorized repairs void the warranty. Provide the purchase invoice, lot number, detailed issue description, and a survey by a qualified professional to activate the guarantee. elZinc® reserves the right to inspect claimed defective products on-site. Failure to follow guidelines absolves elZinc® of liability.



elZinc® is not responsible for any damages resulting from:

  1. Unauthorized modifications or repairs to the zinc roof, façade, or any building part affecting their function.
  2. Negligence or misuse before, during, or after installation.
  3. Flaws in design or execution of the cladding’s supporting structure, or inappropriate use of materials.
  4. Movement or settlement of the zinc’s supporting structure.
  5. Natural disasters, severe weather, rain, atmospheric pollutants, efflorescence, paint or coating performance, or any cause unrelated to manufacturing defects.


This warranty excludes decoloration, color changes, or defects in surface treatment, except for manufacturing defects leading to corrosion.



  • elZinc® is not liable for product unavailability or delays due to force majeure events beyond its control, including natural disasters, epidemics, wars, strikes, and accidents.


In case of force majeure, elZinc® will inform the customer and take necessary measures.



  • elZinc® may use client trademarks and projects for commercial references. Clients can use elZinc®’s trademarks for promotion. Both parties must comply with applicable regulations and act in good faith.
  • By accepting these T&C , the client grants elZinc® the right to use and reproduce their trademarks for commercial and marketing activities. The client indemnifies elZinc® against claims based on intellectual or industrial property infringements related to assigned elements.



  • elZinc® reserves the right to compensate any claims against the client, regardless of the motives or existing debts between the parties.



  • The rules are controlled by their terms, including the Indian Convention on Contracts for International Trade. Any disagreements will only be settled in the courts in India if we can’t work it out peacefully.
  • The nullification or invalidity of a part of these T&C does not affect the rest. Null or invalid parts can be substituted or interpreted according to the terms expressed in the remaining T&C.



These T&C are accessible on elZinc®’s website www.elzincindia.com. Users can easily find the current version and its effective date through an intuitive link in the designated space.

All T&C provisions apply immediately, alongside individual agreements with clients. In case of discrepancies, individual terms prevail.

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